Since i do not care anymore about CS:S Scripting, this code is hereby declared obsolete, and it will not run anymore.

This script will give every player weapons and equipment for free at the period you define.

Requirements: EventScripts 2.0 or higher


Version 1.0 is not compatible with any previous version before 0.6 since it is a complete rewrite in python. Please remove every old Happy Hour related config you might have left in your server.cfg or autoexec.cfg.


  • Translation file system (Atm English and German, please send me your translations for other languages)
  • Decide which primary and secondary weapons as well as equipment will be given to the player (disengageable for every weapon type)
  • The timeslots are freely configurable, one slot can run over several weekdays
  • Advert system announcing start and end times for Happy Hour (disengageable)
  • Warmup timer to stop Happy Hour as long as a warmup script is running
  • Can play a sound at start and end of Happy Hour
  • Can run any command at start and end of Happy Hour
  • Fun stuff: Endless grenades (default: off), multiple bombs (default: off)
  • You can start the Happy Hour anytime you wish using the following rcon command: "rcon happy_on 1"

If you want to playtest this script you can do so on our public clan server, There's every day from 8 PM to 9 PM (CET/GMT+1/UTC+1) (20 bis 21 Uhr) Happy Hour.

Download: Happy Hour Script


  • Make sure you have installed EventScripts 2.0 250i Beta 2 or higher.
  • Unzip inside your /cstrike/ folder
  • Configure this script in "/addons/eventscripts/happyhour/happyhour.cfg"
  • Add the following line to THE END of your autoexec.cfg: es_load happyhour
  • Restart your server.

Version Notes:

v 1.0

  • Added feature: HH can give more health
  • I hereby declare this version 1.0 final (Feature complete and passed public testing).

v 0.6b:

  • Some code optimizations
  • Added feature: Player can get now an arbitrary amount of any type of grenades

v 0.6a:

  • Some cod e cleanup and minor bug fixing

v 0.6:

  • A complete rewrite for ES 2.0 Python
  • Added feature: Timeslots can be configured freely
  • Added feature: Bombs and defuser will only be given on de_ (bomb) maps
  • Added feature: HH can be started via console command

v 0.5:

  • Fixed Bug: On spawn, when weapons will be replaced the old weapons will lay around
  • Fixed Bug: On spawn, when weapons will be handed, some weird one after the other weapon delivery effect happens

v 0.4:

  • Changed loading method
  • Fixed Bug: Welcome message meant for joining player is seen by everyone
  • Added feature: Abandoned Weapons will be removed after spawn

v 0.3:

  • Documentary cleanup
  • Added feature: Multilanguage support (now i need your translations!)
  • Added feature: Display of predefined text (start and ending times) instead of calculated values
  • Added feature: Warmup timer to avoid screwing Mani Admin warmup time
  • Added feature: Play a sound when the HH starts or ends
  • Added feature: Execute a server command when the HH starts or ends
  • Added feature: Prevent block hh_time from being run twice (e.g. after server restart)
  • Added feature: Weapons and equipment are now configurable

v 0.2:

  • (2nd) Initial version