28 Dec

TimeWaster’s Happy Hour Script for CS:S Eventscripts

Since i do not care anymore about CS:S Scripting, this code is hereby declared obsolete, and it will not run anymore.

TimeWaster’s Happy Hour Script v1.0 for Counter Strike Source

This script will give every player weapons and equipment for free at the period you define.

Requirements: EventScripts 2.0 or higher

Version 1.0 is not compatible with any previous version before 0.6 since it is a complete rewrite in python. Please remove every old Happy Hour related config you might have left in your server.cfg or autoexec.cfg.


  • Translation file system (Atm English and German, please send me your translations for other languages)
  • Decide which primary and secondary weapons as well as equipment will be given to the player (disengageable for every weapon type)
  • The timeslots are freely configurable, one slot can run over several weekdays
  • Advert system announcing start and end times for Happy Hour (disengageable)
  • Warmup timer to stop Happy Hour as long as a warmup script is running
  • Can play a sound at start and end of Happy Hour
  • Can run any command at start and end of Happy Hour
  • Fun stuff: Endless grenades (default: off), multiple bombs (default: off)
  • You can start the Happy Hour anytime you wish using the following rcon command: “rcon happy_on 1”

If you want to playtest this script you can do so on our public clan server:
There’s every day from 8 PM to 9 PM (CET/GMT+1/UTC+1) (20 bis 21 Uhr) Happy Hour.

Download: Happy Hour Script


  • Make sure you have installed EventScripts 2.0 250i Beta 2 or higher.
  • Unzip happyhour_v0.6a_python.zip inside your /cstrike/ folder
  • Configure this script in “/addons/eventscripts/happyhour/happyhour.cfg”
  • Add the following line to THE END of your autoexec.cfg:
    es_load happyhour

  • Restart your server.

Version Notes:
v 1.0
– Added feature: HH can give more health
– I hereby declare this version 1.0 final (Feature complete and passed public testing).
v 0.6b:
– Some code optimizations
– Added feature: Player can get now an arbitrary amount of any type of grenades
v 0.6a:
– Some code cleanup and minor bug fixing
v 0.6:
– A complete rewrite for ES 2.0 Python
– Added feature: Timeslots can be configured freely
– Added feature: Bombs and defuser will only be given on de_ (bomb) maps
– Added feature: HH can be started via console command
v 0.5:
– Fixed Bug: On spawn, when weapons will be replaced the old weapons will lay around
– Fixed Bug: On spawn, when weapons will be handed, some weird one after the other weapon delivery effect happens
v 0.4:
– Changed loading method
– Fixed Bug: Welcome message meant for joining player is seen by everyone
– Added feature: Abandoned Weapons will be removed after spawn
v 0.3:
– Documentary cleanup
– Added feature: Multilanguage support (now i need your translations!)
– Added feature: Display of predefined text (start and ending times) instead of calculated values
– Added feature: Warmup timer to avoid screwing Mani Admin warmup time
– Added feature: Play a sound when the HH starts or ends
– Added feature: Execute a server command when the HH starts or ends
– Added feature: Prevent block hh_time from being run twice (e.g. after server restart)
– Added feature: Weapons and equipment are now configurable
v 0.2:
– (2nd) Initial version

6 thoughts on “TimeWaster’s Happy Hour Script for CS:S Eventscripts

  1. Hi,
    my name is oliver and come from germany, sry for my english, but i hop you understand me.

    is this happy hour compatible with the OBox update???

    EventScripts v2.1.0b Beta Release

    i have installed but it do not work?
    1 error log but still for all hh_comends

    L 07/02/2010 – 17:24:18: — Happy Hour Error —————————————
    L 07/02/2010 – 17:24:18: Error in config: hh_warmupTimeToWait is not declared or faulty.

    hope you can help me


  2. this error is caused by eventscripts, the OB update in eventscripts is missing support for various commands the happyhour is using.

    i’m afraid you have to wait till eventscripts releases an update.

  3. Yes it works, many thx!!!!!

    maybe if I change the command in the 1.0 to all commands as in 0.5, works?
    The command you use 0.5?, or would you do it, so I am not as versed.
    i mean this comand : es_xset hh_startSound 0

    i hope you understand me


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