Westworld Incite logo with a twist

I posted my recreation of the Delos logo before, but actually i started all of this because of the Incite logo which i really like. The Incite logo is much more complex and hard to recreate, and i did go the extra mile and recreated it in 3D, and if ...  ↪ Read more

Westworld Delos Logos

Also take a look at the Westworld Incite logo! I'm a huge fan of Westworld and the AWESOME season 3 just ended, so i thought it would be cool to have the Delos logo in good quality. Unfortunately all logos one can find online are either super low res ...  ↪ Read more

Why i removed Wordpress from my Blog

I just switched this blog from an old Wordpress installation to my new self written static website, and it is awesome. :) It took me a couple of days to build, design and automate it, but it was totally worth it. Wordpress has a lot of problems, thes ...  ↪ Read more

Fast and smooth scroll for Chrome under Linux

Since Chrome (And Chromium for that matter) is not willing to implement a usable website scrolling under Linux (For the reason why just google for "slow scroll chrome linux"), i implemented my own solution to avoid using plugins that inject 5MB of co ...  ↪ Read more

The Logitech G213 and Linux

The "Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard" is a pretty good rubber dome keyboard with the usual multimedia keys plus the gaming button which turns of some annoying keys while gaming. It has no unneeded nick-nack, the illumination is bright (enough) ...  ↪ Read more

Orange Pi boards comparison chart

A new competitor to the famous Raspberry Pi emerged, the Orange Pi family. And they not only seem to be really powerful and cheap little bastards but are also equipped with a lot of features that make them interesting not only for programming and lea ...  ↪ Read more

Starfield animation done in HTML 5

And here comes another useless but cool HTML 5 effect (See also: Water ripple effect done in HTML 5 and Snow effect done in HTML 5), the good old starfield animation you knew and loved from the old Windows 95 screen saver: window.addEventListener('l ...  ↪ Read more

Snow effect done in HTML 5

This is another useless but cool effect you can do in HMTL 5 (See also: Water ripple effect done in HTML 5 and Starfield animation done in HTML 5), let it snow: window.addEventListener('load',function(){var a=.5;const e=530*Math.min(523,300)/400, ...  ↪ Read more

xkcd No. 1608 - A really cool mini-game (With a really big map)!

With the newest xkcd (#1608) Randall Munroe really outdid himself (again)! To promote his new book "Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words" he created a mini-game in which you hover on a Hoverboard (What else ^^) collect coins and bring t ...  ↪ Read more

Inkscape and Plotters, the 3rd

And the saga continues!!! After my extension was officially bundled with Inkscape 0.91 i added a couple of new features which will be released with the upcoming release Inkscape 0.92. If you are impatient just download the newest "Developer Version". ...  ↪ Read more

Water ripple effect done in HTML 5

I am sure you have seen this effect before, a picture distorted more or less realistically while you move your mouse over it causing the "water" to "ripple": window.addEventListener('load',function(){var t,e,a=.99,h=.15,o=.8,n=4,d=0,i=[],r=[],m={}; ...  ↪ Read more

Inkscape and Plotters, the 2nd

New post with updated informations here After my last post about integrating plotter functionality into Inkscape quite a lot of time has passed, so here is an update: Development is finished! The plotter functionality was separated from the HPGL ex ...  ↪ Read more

How to drive Apple fanboys up the wall :o)

How? That's pretty easy. Get your hands on a cutting plotter, plot out a negative Windows logo, put some colored foil behind the "windows" and stick it over the glowing Apple logo of your new business Mac: It's guaranteed to work! Yes, i involuntar ...  ↪ Read more

RTCW and ET master server offline

To my great disappointment i had to note today that ID Software has turned off all the master server for "Return To Castle Wolfenstein" and "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory". I have to say that i am really disenchanted of ID Software, given the cult sta ...  ↪ Read more

Your (Cutting) Plotter and Inkscape

New post with updated informations here I own a Cutting Plotter from Helo, which is bundled with HeloCut, a proprietary software which connects to CorelDraw or Inkscape. This software has many disadvantages: It is expensive It can only drive a Helo ...  ↪ Read more

How to beautify your computer with a Half Life 2 logo using a cutting plotter!

If you are interested in beautifying your computer and always wanted to know how a cut decal or a lettering is done watch this short how to: All this was done in my own home, with my own plotter. A cutting plotter is more cheaply than you think. Wit ...  ↪ Read more

Arduino: String and Float

This patch has been added to the Arduino codebase. Please do not use this patch anymore. Instead just download "Arduino 1.0.6" or "Arduino 1.5.8" or higher, all examples below will work with these versions. Arduino has a nice convenience Class: Strin ...  ↪ Read more

TimeWasters LCD Framework for HD44780 and Arduino

At the moment i am working on my Geiger-counter which is based on this hardware, but has many more features added to it (GPS, SD-Card and Buttons). I will post more information as soon as i managed to fixate the last piece of hardware in the case. Wh ...  ↪ Read more

TimeWaster's Geiger Counter - A system software for microcontrollers to measure radiation

This software is designed to work with the Arduino Uno and the Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino from Cooking Hacks, but should also work with your own hardware design if you adapt either your hardware or the software. I suggest to take a look at th ...  ↪ Read more

Liste aller (bekannten) Nuklearen Unfälle und Katastrophen seit 1945

Hier mal eine nette kleine Liste mit allen (bekannten) Atomaren Unfällen seit 1945, in denen entweder Atomkraftwerke, Militärische oder Zivile Forschungsanlagen, Atom U-Boote, Atom Schiffe, Atombomben, Raketensilos mit Atombomben oder Kombinationen d ...  ↪ Read more

MySQL Birthday Column - Age of a Person

If you search for a solution to get the age of a person (in years) in MySQL, google gives you many obsolete (and complicated) answers, from MySQL 4.1.1 it is very easy to get this number: TIMESTAMPDIFF(YEAR, myDateColumn, NOW()) Have fun. ...  ↪ Read more

How to force file downloading with htaccess

Nearly every browser will show image oder video files you want to provide for download in the browser itself instead of opening a download dialog. Most of the websites suggest to use this code in your .htaccess: <FilesMatch "\.(jpg|zip|avi) ...  ↪ Read more

Doom Design Project: UAC Logo

3 years ago, i made out of boredom (As always) a design project for Doom 3, which was realeased at that time: It took me about 6 weeks to finish this picture, the rust effect alone took me nearly 3 weeks of after-work work, where i tried to make a b ...  ↪ Read more

TimeWaster's Banking Script for CS:S Eventscripts

Since i do not care anymore about CS:S Scripting, this code is hereby declared obsolete, but could still run. TimeWaster's Banking Script is an advanced bank based on Eventscripts v1.5 and a SQLite database which makes it incredibly fast. There's an ...  ↪ Read more

TimeWaster's Happy Hour Script for CS:S Eventscripts

Since i do not care anymore about CS:S Scripting, this code is hereby declared obsolete, and it will not run anymore. This script will give every player weapons and equipment for free at the period you define. Requirements: EventScripts 2.0 or higher ...  ↪ Read more

Portal The Flash Game - Console Commands List

This list was reverse engineered by me out of the game Portal The Flash Game. To open the console, go to the menu "Options", and make sure the "Console" option is on. Then go ingame and press the ~ key on your keyboard. If this doesn't work, you mos ...  ↪ Read more


ClickForYou is a nifty little tool i wrote to be able to cheat in the game Insaniquarium, a game made by the PopCap guys. How does it work? That's Easy: After you ran the executable and pressed the "Pause" button on your keyboard, it emulates a left ...  ↪ Read more