With the newest xkcd (#1608) Randall Munroe really outdid himself (again)!

To promote his new book "Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words" he created a mini-game in which you hover on a Hoverboard (What else ^^) collect coins and bring them to a small computer and the game tells you what your score is:

XKCD #1608 Mini-Game

This game is a neat TimeWaster (Pun intended), and as such worthwhile, but if it would end there it would not be a game made by Randall Munroe.

The fun begins as soon as you try to break out of the game world. As soon as you realize that you can do in-air jumps and the walls to keep you in the game area are not that high, a vast world to explore opens up, and you can spend hours trying to find everything.

Everywhere are small comics and cool stuff hidden, a balloon, a Tie-fighter, an Octopus and much, much more.

The game area is 182 tiles in width and 46 tiles in height while one tile is 513 by 513 pixels, that means the map is 93366 by 23598 pixels or a whopping 2203 megapixels big!

If you are like me and want to explore everything it is easy to oversee much stuff, so i created a map of the world (Click it for a 9108 by 2289 pixel big image):

xkcd #1608 - The whole map

This map is loaded from my server, so it does not put pressure on xkcd's servers. In the map you can see truly empty spaces by the broken link icons, so no, in these areas is nothing small hidden.

You can even cheat by opening the inspector of your browser and using these commands in the console (Thanks to tagno25 from the xkcd forum):

  window.noclip = 1; // walk through everything
  window.mewtwo = 1; // disable gravity
  window.i.am.gandalf = 1; // jump higher, travel faster and get a hat

It was quite an endeavor to compile this map without crashing the browser, therefore it was fun! ^^