I just switched this blog from an old Wordpress installation to my new self written static website, and it is awesome. :)

It took me a couple of days to build, design and automate it, but it was totally worth it.

Wordpress has a lot of problems, these are the reason i switched:

  • It is waaaaay too big in terms of files sizes and data that is sent to the user (And these bigger and bigger dynamic JavaScript based websites really annoy me)
  • It is slow because it is too big
  • I mitigated some of the problems by installing caching plugins, but this just adds more code
  • Updates break your changes: I had a modified theme which i could not update since it would have overwritten my changes
  • The new Wordpress editor did not work in my browser, i had to turn it off
  • Wordpress blogs are constantly attacked by idiots on the admin URL

My blog works now completely different. There is no admin interface, no dynamic page geeneration, no caching, just static files and a bit of javascript to create the nice logo effect you see above.

I have a script outside of the htdocs directory that generates the page out of data that lies in text and template files and then switches the generated directory with the existing htdocs directory.

This allows me to have a page i can expand anytime by adding a text file, i just need to run the script and the change is live.

This also has downsides though, i had to use Disqus for the comments section since i did not want to include any user interaction that would have forced me to build a dynamic part into the website.