17 Feb

Starfield animation done in HTML 5

And here comes another useless but cool HTML 5 effect (See also: Water ripple effect done in HTML 5 and Snow effect done in HTML 5), the good old starfield animation you knew and loved from the old Windows 95 screen saver:

The algorithm is incredibly easy, the stars have a position and a size, and you just calculate starPosition += (starPosition – canvasCenter) * starSize and voila, the star moves according to its size (proximity to the screen) and position more or less realistically, no 3D calculations needed.
I discovered this algorithm a long time ago while playing around in Flash and now i finally built it in HTML 5.

The star drawing is done by drawing lines, this is slower than using a pre-drawn circle canvas, but it adds a bit more realism to the animation since the line is drawn between the old and newly calculated star position, which creates a much more visible movement of the stars.

Enough yapping, here is the code, just open it in a browser: Starfield animation in HTML5
If you are using this on your website and you are a nice person you can show it by giving me a credit (backlink) somewhere on your page, thank you!

16 thoughts on “Starfield animation done in HTML 5

    • by trying stuff out, i was doing complex calculations first when i noticed that a starfield animation is always moving stars depending on the center point, so i came up with this algorythm by implementing it in a bad way first and then step by step simplifying it.

    • yes, search for this line:
      context.strokeStyle = "rgba(255, 255, 255, " + Math.min(stars[x].size, 1) + ")";
      and replace the “255” values (from 0 to 255), the first one is red, then green, then blue.

  1. I’m having trouble… on a particular page of my site (credit will be given, BTW), I could use the starfield to flow FROM the center point instead of following the cursor. Can you advise?

    • Just remove this block of code and the animation will not react to mouse movements anymore:

      // when mouse moves over canvas change middle point of animation
      canvas.onmousemove = function(event) {
      dirX = event.offsetX,
      dirY = event.offsetY;

  2. This is cool. Here are a couple of questions as the web has changed since the old days.
    How can I:
    make it responsive for a background header video so it works with all devices
    Change the background to a gradual background color (static) and the stars only come at me without moving where the pointer is.
    Slow the stars down and make them go from small to bigger towards the edges from a center point

    • since it works with a canvas it has a fixed black background unless you copy in a video or set another background color on every render cycle. take a look here to see how canvas works: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Canvas_API

      to not use the mouse pointer look one comment above, i already described it there.

      to influence the stars play with the variables on top of the script, but be aware that the algorithm mostly defines how they work.

  3. Hi there. Love your work. Could you please advise on how to stop the animation (with the stars still visible but static) after a given time, say 30 seconds?

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