21 Jul

dsMailingList – A damn small mailing list!

dsMailingList is a mailing list written in PHP that brings you the needed functionality to run your own mailing list without any hassle or unwanted features.

This means that there is no sign up form, no sign out form, no admin interface, nothing. Just the ability to log into an email account, fetch all new emails and send them to all the recipients you specified.

For a small mailing list, for instance with your friends, you need nothing more than an extra email account, this script and a way to call it once a minute.

If you want to create a professional mailing list, you will have to provide all the “surroundings”, like sign up/out form and an admin interface.

The configuration is done in the file itself and is documented well, so you should be able to set up your Mailing List in minutes.

No database is required.

Download it on SourceForge: dsMailingList – A damn small mailing list!

If you encounter any bugs or have feature wishes open a ticket or a discussion on SourceForge.

Have fun!

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