3 years ago, i made out of boredom (As always) a design project for Doom 3, which was realeased at that time:

UAC Logo Design by TimeWaster

It took me about 6 weeks to finish this picture, the rust effect alone took me nearly 3 weeks of after-work work, where i tried to make a believable rust out of image filters. That was a lot of try-and-error.

To find some nice grunge brushes to make the scratch effekt was the easier todo.

In general the whole picture is made out of filters, the only "external things" i used in it are the grunge brushes and the logo outline.

I really like the color bleeding effekt from the rust and the logo itself, it makes the picture much more believable, and the layer blend option "color burn" is perfect for this kind of effekt.

The "peeled off" paint effekt is another chapter, in general this was made of a noise effekt, a havy blur, a treshhold filter with 2 colors, and some bevel and emboss effects.

Here you can see a 100% size cutout of the picture to estimate the image quality:

UAC Logo Design by TimeWaster

And as always, all my work i publish here is published under the GPL http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php which means you can copy, redistribute and change the picture at your will, as long as you mention me as the original author and as long you don't sell the picture.

A word to the Download: The .tiff picture you can download is 10 MB and 3310x2338 pixels in size, and was originally made to be printed in "DIN A1" with 100 DPI (You can send this picture to a printing service, and in DIN A1 it will look perfect). Theres a sRGB profile included because i have no professional pre-press experience, so the colors could be somehow "wrong" on a printout, but not much, my DIN A1 printout looks fine. I'm sure a professional can corect the colors on his own.

Download the Picture (10 MB)