ClickForYou is a nifty little tool i wrote to be able to cheat in the game Insaniquarium, a game made by the PopCap guys.

How does it work?

That's Easy: After you ran the executable and pressed the "Pause" button on your keyboard, it emulates a left click on your mouse every 20 milliseconds. This means you are clicking the left button on your mouse 50 times a second without moving your finger. To stop clicking, simply press your "Pause" key again.

How is it done?

ClickForYou is written with AutoIt, originally a platform to write test scripts or to automate recurring sequences. AutoIt uses a basic dialect which makes it very easy to write your own tools with it. AutoIt is available for free.

How can i use it?

There are two ways:

  • If you trust me then download the already compiled (executable) version of ClickForYou.
  • If you don't trust me then download AutoIt itself, and the .au3 source code (look in the source code and be surprised that there's no malicious code in it), and compile ClickForYou by yourself.

After downloading and/or compiling the tool, simply start the .exe and you are ready to go. Make sure your mouse cursor is'nt hovering over a application (this is important, because when the tool starts to click, you could do unwanted things with your application) and press the "Pause" key on your keyboard.

Now ClickForYou is Clicking For You. ;o)


The Executable ClickForYou.exe

Or if you want to compile it for yourself: ClickForYou Source Code and AutoIt