20 Dec

Adobe Flash AS 2 snowflakes snowing effect script

This effect can now be done in native HTML 5, see here: Snow effect done in HTML 5

Well, i was bored again, and here is the outcome: A snow effect for Flash AS 2, which uses very less CPU power.

It is extremely simple to use:
1. Create a new empty movieclip on the top layer of your (root) movie.
2. Move the new movieclip at the x and y position 0 Pixel.
3. Copy the following code to the first frame in your new movieclip: Flash Snow Script

Don’t forget to set your movie’s framerate to 30 FPS!
That’s it, compile and be happy.
There are some parameters you can change on top of the Script, mainly to tweak the number of snowflakes and the CPU usage.

Have fun and Happy Christmas!

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6 thoughts on “Adobe Flash AS 2 snowflakes snowing effect script

  1. it is license-less, do whatever you want with it! (including commercial use)

    but it would be nice if you post the result here (website?), just to see it is put to good use 🙂

    and if you are a real good person you credit me for it, but that is optional ^^

  2. WOW!!! You are amazing!! I have been trying to make this work for HOURS and then I found your instructions…works like a BREEZE!!!


    • oh, people are still using flash?

      wow, this is really old and horrible code i produced there, i think i wrote this in 2 hours and published it without giving it a second thought…

      in line 53 try playing around with the last two numbers “*25+10” this should influence the size of the flakes.

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